Shortage of tech professionals causing pain across sectors

Nearly a quarter of surveyed organisations anticipate ‘severe’ problems when it comes to recruiting the digital skills they need, compounding problems for charitable sector.

James Hayes | 6th Aug 18
Man working at PC display with complex application. A survey reports that more than 70% of UK employers believe that they will face a shortage of digital technology professionals over the next 12 months, presenting daunting operational challenges for private, public and third sectors.

More than 70% of UK employers surveyed by recruitment specialists believe they will face a shortage of technology professionals with the required digital skills over the next 12 months presenting daunting operational challenges for private, public and third sectors.

According to a research report from Robert WaltersTotaljobs  and Jobsite, shortages are expected to be most acute at mid-management level for 55% of respondents, while 36% of employers expect to struggle to secure junior technology specialists. Just 9% of those polled expect the most severe shortages at senior levels.

Solving the UK Skills Shortage – Technology also revealed that many employers believe that the UK’s technology sector is ‘unprepared’ to compete on the Global stage. Just 11% felt that the UK was ‘very well prepared’, while 24% felt that the UK was ‘somewhat unprepared’ or ‘very unprepared’.

The latest Charity Digital Skills Report published last March (as reported by Charity Digital News) revealed incremental progress has been made in addressing the digital technology skills requirement for the charitable sector.

The report revealed lack of funding is the top barrier to digital progress (58%), which was a significant increase from 52% in 2017. Skills is the second biggest challenge at 51% (down from 57 % in 2017, when it took the top spot).

There was also a growing concern about culture, with 46% saying that it needs to change. Charities also still feel constrained by infrastructure and processes. And 33% stated that a lack of trustee buy-in held back their charity in digital transformation.

“The legacy of the 2008 financial crisis is creating ongoing challenges for employers across all sectors,” said Ahsan Iqbal, Director at Robert Walters, about the new report. “It is important to bear in mind that almost half of employers believe that the UK is at least somewhat prepared to compete in the global technology market.”

“Junior-level hiring dropped significantly during the recession, and this has created a skills bottleneck at the mid-level today, resulting in an insufficient number of professionals with the required experience available to meet demand.”