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To kick off our #CharityDigitalViews series, Charity Digital News Twitter followers shared their shortfalls and pitfalls when it comes to digital transformation.

Chloe Green | 3rd Aug 18

Each week, we pose a question to @CharityDigiNews Twitter followers, asking for their thoughts on the big digital and tech-related issues facing charities. To kick off the series, this week we asked:

“Beyond funding limitations, what are the obstacles holding charities back when it comes to digital maturity?”

According to the Skills Platform 2018 Charity Digital Skills report just under half of nonprofit organisations have no digital strategy, with funding cited as the biggest obstacle. Access to consistent funding support has always been a prime concern for charities, and with the question mark of Brexit and continued EU funding in many areas hanging over their heads, this is likely to remain a central concern for the sector. But we wanted to know what else is stopping charities from making the most of digital to drive their missions.

For Irene Mackintosh, Director with digital inclusion CIC Mhor Collective, it is the ability to upskill staff.


As John Popham, CEO of The Civic Story Factory and John Fitzgerald, SCVO both argue, confidence and interest in technology must also extend to those at the top of organisations.

Fitzgerald also recommends SCVO’s Digital Checkup tool as a simple way for charities to assess the gaps in their leadership and other areas of their organisation.

Leah Lockhart, Service Design and User Research at design agency Snook makes the point that knowledge, skills and confidence with digital come from having access to the right resources.

Registered charities can access donated licenses for software products on Charity Digital’s Charity Digital Exchange platform, although hardware for charities is more difficult to source. This website lists a number of UK suppliers.

Ultimately, the ability to make the most of digital comes down to seeing it holistically as part of your charity’s strategy as a whole rather than in isolation, tweeted Inside Outcomes.

This certainly chimes with Charity Digital’s recent survey of UK charities, which found that of the charities that have embraced digital as part of their overall strategy, 92% expect to increase their measurable impact and are far more optimistic about their ability to deliver on their goals.



Thanks to everyone who participated in our Twitter chat.

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