London’s Air Ambulance appoints new digital agency

The emergency aid charity London’s Air Ambulance has appointed digital agency Zeal to produce its awareness-raising ‘trauma’ campaign for 2018’s National Air Ambulance Week.

James Hayes | 19th Jul 18
A London's Air Ambulance helicopter. The emergency aid charity has appointed digital agency Zeal to produce its awareness-raising 'trauma' campaign for 2018's National Air Ambulance Week.

Emergency aid charity London’s Air Ambulance has appointed digital creative agency Zeal to manage its awareness raising campaign that will coincide with the UK National Air Ambulance Week that’s scheduled for September 2018.

London’s Air Ambulance operates a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS), dedicated to responding to serious trauma emergencies in and around London. Using a helicopter by day and rapid response vehicles by night, the service performs advanced medical interventions at the scene of the incident in life-threatening, time-critical situations.

The charity was the first in the UK to carry a senior doctor in addition to a paramedic at all times on a helicopter, introducing a system that reduces the death rate in severe trauma by 30%–40%.

The brief from London’s Air Ambulance was to create a digital social media campaign that will involve video to raise awareness of the charity and to increase its number of followers on Facebook and LinkedIn, particularly among its target group of donors and supporters.

The key messages the campaign will convey are that ‘Trauma is the biggest killer of people aged under 45’, ‘Traumatic injury can happen to anyone, at any time’, and that ‘London’s Air Ambulance is a charity – and it needs donations to continue helping Londoners’.

Zeal pitched a campaign centred around a feature social video to sit alongside other social assets and a targeted social media advertising strategy, as well as a Facebook Live element that ties-in with activity during National Air Ambulance Week.

“The charity is really excited to be working with Zeal on this campaign,” said Jim Montgomery, Creative Strategist at London’s Air Ambulance. “For this campaign we saw a lot of great pitches, but Zeal’s was the one that stood out creatively. We think that the people of London will really connect with the work, and are looking forward to seeing the results.”