Summer celebration of parks campaign starts digital drive

Community groups partner is using online and social media to encourage people to express their love of parks, and get involved with park community groups.

Chloe Green | 19th Jul 18
Generic image of people enjoying their surroundings in a park. The #GoParksLondon online awareness-raising campaign aims to encourage people to appreciate parks more, and to engage with friends of parks community groups.

Two environmental charities have joined forces to create an online awareness-raising campaign designed to encourage people to visit parks, share information about why parks are important to them, and encourage greater engagement with friends of parks groups.

Devised by the Campaign to Protect Rural England and London Friends of Greenspaces Network , the #GoParksLondon campaign is timed to coincide with Love Parks Week (12- 22 July) and National Park City Week (21-29 July).

The #GoParksLondon campaign will also highlight the many free fun events being hosted by friends of parks groups throughout the Love Parks Week and National Park City Week fortnight. These range from lunchtime concerts to butterfly surveys, community picnics, displays of Asian dancing, litter pick-ups and walking groups.

The #GoParksLondon campaign will also promote the diversity of the 3,000 parks across London, and highlight the health and wellbeing benefits that these public green spaces provide for people of all ages in urban areas.

A #GoParksLondon challenge prize competition encourages people to visit a London park they have not been to before, post a picture of themselves taken during the visit on social media using the hashtags #GoParksLondon and tell digital audiences about the park.

The campaign aims to encourage more people to become Park Friends, and protect parks for future generations. The 600 friends of park groups in London, who volunteer to protect and improve parks and bring communities together in their local park, are also being celebrated.

“London’s parks and green spaces are under more pressure than ever, so we need to actively demonstrate why we must protect them,” said Alice Roberts at the Campaign to Protect Rural England. “London has 600 park friends groups, who do everything from litter-picking to the organisation of community events and advocacy for park improvements. With so many parks in London there is a vast array of history, nature, sport, and fun to discover.”