Ronaldo and Messi team-up for online charity auctions

Two legendary footballers donate time and exclusive auction-win opportunities for fans to meet and watch their sports heroes in action on home grounds.

Chloe Green | 13th Jul 18
Picture of Cristiano Ronaldo of Italian club Juventus: one of the soccer superstars who are donating time and privileged access as part of a series of high-value online auctions for charity Forever Dream Foundation.

The countdown has begun for online auctions that see European football superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel (Leo) Messi join forces as part of a series of football-related fundraisers to support charity the Forever Dream Foundation. The auctions end at 6:00pm (BST) today.

Both players are offering fans rare opportunities for private one-to-one meet-and-greets along with two tickets to a mutually-agreed-on home game, provided with premium/superior stadium seating. Guests may also bring one item per person to be signed.

The winning bidders in the CharityStars-hosted auctions will also have the exclusive chance to watch the players within their respective stadia in a warm-up session prior to the match, which will be held at the Nou Camp Stadium in Barcelona for Leo Messi, and at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo – usually an off-limits experience except for close friends and family, the players said.

This series of auctions also includes owning jerseys hand-signed by Messi and Ronaldo, and chances to meet Real Madrid and watch them play in a number of matches. The auctions draw to a close on Friday the 13th July, circa 6:00pm BST, and accept bids in AidCoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. With just four hours to go, top bids had reached £8,707 for the Ronaldo prize and £7,571 for the Messi prize.

The prizes have been donated by the players to benefit the Forever Dream Foundation, the charitable organisation that provides sports and entertainment experiences to underprivileged children and their families.

AidCoin is the ERC20 token launched by CharityStars with the aim to become the preferred method to donate transparently through the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, by embedding the token’s payment gateway – AIDPay – it enables participating charities, non-profits and non-governmental organisations to accept donations in some 23 different cryptocurrencies, which are then instantly converted into AidCoin, within a single AIDChain wallet.