New grant to fund website redevelopment for small charities

The new programme from the Transform Foundation offers charities with an income of between £100k and £350k funding to redevelop their website, helping them amplify their impact.

Chloe Green | 10th Jul 18
Image of charity website. A new programme from the Transform Foundation offers small charities funding to redevelop their website.

The Transform Foundation has announced the launch of a new funding programme designed to fund the development of new websites for small charities with incomes between £100k and £350k.

With the success of its website grant for charities with incomes above £350k, the Foundation is now opening up the programme for smaller charities who are not eligible for the main grant.

Transform Foundation says there has been consistent demand from smaller charities for a programme tailored to their needs – so they have created the new programme, currently in its pilot phase, designed to meet this demand.

Successful applicants to this programme will receive a more streamlined website design and build process, which requires less time and resource from the charity and is therefore more suited to small charities.

By rolling out this funding programme, Transform Foundation believes they can help a much wider range of charities and so amplify the impact they make helping the charity sector maximise their ability to raise funds and support their beneficiaries through their digital presence.

You can find out more details on this programme and how you can apply by visiting The Transform Foundation Website.

The Transform Foundation believes nonprofit projects should be able to make a difference to the greatest number of people – as a result, this programme is just one of many programmes they are running in 2018.

Together with the Facebook Advertising Grants, Charity Incubator and Digital Skills Timebank, the programme forms part of the Foundation’s wider effort to help the charity sector transition from traditional fundraising techniques to the digital world.

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