New report shows positives in charities’ digital fundraising

A new benchmarking study has mapped out charity’s digital fundraising behaviour, amongst benchmarking stats on GDPR, CRMs and data management.

Chloe Green | 3rd Jul 18
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Fundraisers and the vital role they play within the sector have been highlighted in a new industry report released this week by Blackbaud and the Institute of Fundraising (IoF).

Launched at the IoF’s Fundraising Convention in London, the Status of UK Fundraising: 2018 Benchmark Report gives analysis of over 800 interviews conducted with UK charity staff.

It shows that 83% charities now have the ability to donate through their website, while 45% of charities with fundraisers can take donations via SMS/text.

The report also found that charities on the whole feel confident about the future, with the majority of respondents saying they have not been affected by recent negative stories in the media.

Fundraising through social media

79% of charities overall said they have seen social media as a successful channel for fundraising in the past year. Of these, twice as many charities were using specific metrics to track their success, suggesting the efficacy of a strategic, rather than scattergun, approach.

In charities without fundraising teams, social media is the most-used tool of communication to drive donations due to its low financial-costs.

“A clear shift happening”

While online donations still only constitute 14% of income received, behind grants (36%) and cash or cheques (32%), both Blackbaud and the IoF state that this is changing.

Steve MacLaughlin, VP of Data and Analytics at Blackbaud, said: “We know that offline giving is still larger than online donations, but there is a clear shift happening.

“The most valuable and loyal donors are engaged through multiple channels and give both online and offline. Charities need to be responsive to donor channel preferences.”

Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and External Affairs at the Institute of Fundraising, echoed Steve in saying: “Cash is still the main way in which people give to charities, which tallies with other sector-wide research. However, we do expect online donations to rise slowly but surely over time as charities grow this area and develop their social media reach and online communications further.

“Insight from our members is that they see the move to increased contactless and digital payments as more of an opportunity than a threat.”

The full report covers a range of subjects including GDPR, digital fundraising, CRMs and data management. It can be downloaded for free here.



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