Fundraising app launches in London with ‘virtual items’

Capital is latest city launch digital buy-and-sell platform that brings together regular givers, second-hand buyers and donor declutterers to fund good causes.

Chloe Green | 3rd Jul 18
Image of smartphone display showing example of an online campaign that used the Buengo buy-and-sell fundraising app, which has just launched in London with a 'virtual items' feature option.

Localised fundraising app Buengo – which allows users to sell the things they no longer need with the proceeds going to charity – has launched in London with a new ‘virtual items’ feature option.

This feature allows charities to post virtual items for sale in the app, and users can buy them in the same way that they would make a donation. Manchester-based charity HelpHomelessHeroes, for example, is already selling virtual sleeping bags and toiletry packs via the app, and will use the money raised to provide physical versions of these vital items for their beneficiaries.

Charities can sign-up for the app free-of-charge on the Buengo website, and allow users to donate the proceeds from their items to their charity. The app, which most recently launched in Manchester (as reported by Charity Digital News), already has several London-based and national charities signed-up, Buengo said, with a number of fundraising campaigns now up and running.

“From regular givers to second-hand buyers and declutterers, the app attracts a wide audience. It has received a positive response from both charities and Buengo users alike,” said Fela Hughes, CEO and Co-founder at Buengo. “We have spoken to so many people who want to know more about where the money they donate to charity goes, so that consideration has been in the forefront of our minds when it came to further develop the app.”

Hughes added: “Virtual Items make donations more tangible and at the same time makes it possible for any charity to start selling things to raise money on the platform.”

Buengo is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.