Pride in London uses digital media to promote 46th parade

Community Parade Campaign uses community group volunteers and others to flag-up forthcoming awareness-raising event in series of live-action videos to be shown on public displays and online.

James Hayes | 26th Jun 18
Image from Pride in London’s Community Parade Campaign will be promoted via video-enabled screens and show parade groups ‘marching’ across them with messages of why they take part in the Pride in London event.

The volunteer organisation that runs what’s claimed to be the world’s biggest LGBT+* festival and London’s third-biggest public event has launched a out-of-home (OOH)** campaign on digital display media.

Pride in London’s Community Parade Campaign will be promoted via 1,000 video-enabled screens across London in live-action promotional sequences that show parade groups ‘marching’ across them with messages of why they take part in Pride in London (Saturday 7 July). Some of the videos will also be available via YouTube.

As part of its Pride Matters campaign, the community interest group has asked people what Pride means to them ahead of the one-day parade event.

The artwork and delivery was managed by the in-house agency of volunteers who brought together 16 community groups and its top six brand partners to show off what Pride means to them by ‘marching’ in front of a green screen video production system earlier this year. More than 150 people were involved, ranging from trans, bi, religious, sporting, youth, older groups, brand partners, the emergency services and the Royal Navy.

The in-house agency was helped by digital expertise donated by supporters in the UK marketing and digital production industry. The video studio was supplied by the London Studios and ITV Pride and the digital shoot was directed by The Kitchen.

Free media space for the campaign has been provided by eight Outdoor Media, AdMedia, Boomerang, Clear Channel, ECN UK, Exterion Media, inLink UK, Kong Outdoor, Landsec, Ocean Outdoor, Outdoor Plus, Primesight, and Taxi Media.

“OOH is now a promotional medium that cannot be avoided, and is the perfect platform for Community Groups to share their messages of hope and tolerance,” said Jonathan Everaere, Head of Media at Pride in London. “I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and enthusiasm of the OOH industry. The quality of the media space donated to us is outstanding, and we are grateful to our media partners for helping us show London why ‘Pride Matters’.”

CDN Jargonbusts:
*LGBT+ denotes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual plus. The ‘plus’ is inclusive of other groups.
**Out-of-home advertising is advertising or promotional displays that reach targeted consumers while they are outside their homes.