Charities can now accept donations through NING platform

Online third-sector communities will now be able to monetise their websites to accept donations and other form of financial payments as new feature goes live.

Chloe Green | 18th Jun 18
Image of people using a laptop. The proposed UK Charity Digital Code of Practice aims to help charities increase impact, develop skills and improve sustainability – all charities are invited to contribute to the Code's consultation. Unsplash/John Schnobrich

NING, a platform for creating custom social networks, has launched a monetisation feature including the ability to receive charitable donations.

The feature enables NING network creators to generate different types revenue from their content, and includes a donations option for charities looking to source payments from supporters and other forms of financial support.

The feature also allows users to run fundraisers and to use the income for relevant purposes.

The new monetisation platform has three main options:

  • Paid Access – feature that basically allows one to sell specific content on the website. Website owners can create content people would like to have access to, set up a pay-wall, set a price, and be rewarded for sharing intellectual property. The Paid Access feature is is designed for selling online lessons and lectures, training videos, as well as other kinds of premium content and digital goods.
  • Paid Membership – an option is designed to give users an opportunity to monetise the whole network and its online assets. Access is only provided to members who opt to pay a subscription fee on a regular basis. Paid Membership is intended to find a particular appeal among celebrities, popular authors of online video shows or podcasts, business consultants, etc. It allows them to earn money from fans or customers who would like to benefit from exclusive content (e.g. behind-the-scenes videos, personal blogs or business insights). It also provides a channel for personal communication.
  • Donations – the option for charities and fundraising organisations as outlined above.

The social networks created on NING cover a broad range of topics and niches, such as not-for-profits, football team fan clubs, hobby communities, life coaching initiatives, and closed business societies, the company said.