Augmented reality app to drive charitable fundraising

Mobile application aims to bring added dimensions to digital engagement for academia and charities by leveraging the value of their space.

Chloe Green | 30th May 18
View of the AUB AR app as created for Bond & Coyne client Arts University Bournemouth, displayed on a tablet PC

A brand services agency has launched a free augmented reality* (AR) app that allows its users to experience and explore a university’s campus, and create opportunities for fundraising.

The AUB AR app from Bond & Coyne aims to increase revenue streams for the academic institutions that it virtualises, including fundraising for new campus buildings and facilities. As this technology becomes mainstream, its makers said, organisations such as charities and universities with charitable status – among others – are being presented with opportunities to derive more value from the spaces they occupy in innovative and interactive ways.

“Physical environments have a huge role to play in brand engagement,” said Jason Hancock, Digital Director at Bond & Coyne. “Many brands know a specific location is key to telling their story. If charities could make more use of AR to show the impact on a physical location and its inhabitants, their donors may be more likely to understand and contribute to a cause. AR is growing and organisations have an opportunity to design and build strategic brand tools that capitalise on this.”

UK charities have been already been deploying AR technology for other sides of their activities since at least 2014. In 2015, for example, Oxfam kicked-off a campaign with an augmented messaging app called Traces that allowed people to engage digitally with the charity by placing an AR portal at over 650 UK retail locations. And earlier this year the Royal British Legion launched an AR-based campaign that brings stories from the Battle of Passchendaele to life in a bid to engage with a younger audience.

Bond & Coyne initially developed the AUB AR app for Arts University Bournemouth. Inside the 3D digital campus, users found 360-degree views of spaces, video interviews and galleries of student projects that combined to help directly explain aspects of life at the academic centre. The agency’s other clients include Farm Africa, Nesta and Goldsmiths, University of London.

The Apple iOS/Google Android-compatible (most versions) app can be found by searching ‘AUB AR’ on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

*CDN Jargonbust: Augmented reality is the integration of computer-generated information and graphics onto a real-world environment, usually using a smartphone or tablet PC.

A good example of augmented reality in successful usage is the Pokemon Go game on smartphones.


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