Competition wants blockchain solutions for funding, donations

IBM and Global Citizen invite developers to find ways to bring blockchain benefits to third sector transactions.

Chloe Green | 16th May 18
Image of chains representing blockchain for good competition by IBM and Global Citizen..

A new competition that gives aspiring blockchain developers the opportunity to come up with solutions that add confidence to digital donation and funding assurance and integrity has been launched.

Challenge Accepted: Blockchain for Good, the result of a partnership between IBM and charity/NGO support platform Global Citizen, aims at the development of ways in which blockchain technology could help charities and NGOs best increase commitments toward funding to help build a more resolute donor population.

Through ‘Challenge Accepted: Blockchain for Good’ IBM and Global Citizen’s blockchain developer experience, the two organisations are providing digital inventors with the chance to ‘help hold governments accountable for their respective roles in supporting our most worthy and pressing causes’.

Inspired by the United Nation’s #Envision2030 initiative, the new competition invites developers to construct the foundational layer of the larger lifecycle of impact and accountability tracking that validates government and large corporate commitments and fund transfers that result from Global Citizen’s advocacy work.

The challenge programme – which runs from 15th May to 14th July 2018 –  walks developers through the blockchain network creation process. With each step, participants earn points that can be exchanged for items such as IBM social media influence or the ability to consult with an IBM digital expert.

Using the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan, developers will be given free access to the IBM Blockchain Platform, where they can set-up a test network and develop their initial product. ‘Challenge Accepted: Blockchain for Good’ guides developers on how to build a three-member network that shows commitment (pledge) origination, fund transfers, and Global Citizen authentication, finally adding each transaction to the blockchain ledger.

A team of Global Citizen and IBM Blockchain experts will judge the submissions and choose five finalists who will win VIP tickets to the Global Citizen Music Festival this summer.

One grand prize winner will have their work featured as one of IBM’s Blockchain samples on our website and given the opportunity to develop their application to market in partnership with IBM and Global Citizen.

“‘Challenge Accepted: Blockchain for Good’ experience will engage developers in the real-world to use the power of the technology,” said Simon Moss, Co-founder at Global Citizen. Ultimately, the goal is to take the results and shape a pilot project that leverages multiple global stakeholders, Moss added: “The challenge is open to everyone – experienced developers and blockchain novices. It’s a great way to get started and an opportunity for all developers to leverage their skills and learn new ones. And it’s an opportunity to explore a concrete application of blockchain with a global impact.”