Armistice charity builds live chat support system

New contact services will support centenary commemoration of end of First World War.

Chloe Green | 10th May 18
Image of Remembered's 'There But Not There' campaign. The charity contracted Yonder Digital to build a multi-channel customer support system including live chat support.

Armistice charity Remembered has appointed Yonder Digital Group to be its customer contact support partner by providing a multi-channel customer service team offering voice, email, interactive voice response, and live chat support.

Yonder Digital Group’s primary remit will be to provide a customer service team and associated multi-channel technologies to support the on-going activities of Remembered’s charitable agenda. Yonder Digital Group’s technical and operational expertise in supporting charities, alongside its ability to provide a combination of dedicated and ‘on demand’ resources to deal with fluctuations in customer contact, made it an ideal partner, said Rowley Gregg MC, Director of Operations at Remembered.

“Since we launched the ‘There But Not There’ campaign in February 2018, we have seen overwhelming public support,” added Gregg. “To date we have also seen nearly £2 million in sales. As a new charity, we are still a growing team, and so are thrilled to use Yonder Digital Group’s experience and services.”

The Yonder Digital Group team will initially support customer contact from the UK before extending the service to cover the ‘There But Not There’ US, Canada and Australia campaigns.

Remembered was inspired by the ‘There But Not There’ installation in Penshurst Church in Kent over the Remembrance period of 2016. This year’s defining ‘There But Not There’ campaign aims to place a representative figure for as many as possible of the names on local war memorials around the country – into their place of worship, their school, their work or wherever their absence was keenly felt.

The aim of the campaign is to commemorate the fallen, to educate all generations, and to help heal those who suffer from hidden wounds and the lasting legacies of combat.

“Working with a charity like Remembered is a privilege for us,” said Graham Ede, CEO at Yonder Digital Group. “We will be able to showcase our expertise working within the charity sector, and we will also be able to demonstrate how we can deliver innovative multi-channel customer support.”

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