10 benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for charities

We highlight the top features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for charities.

Sponsored Content | 30th Apr 18
Microsoft 365 for charities

As one of the leading CRM systems on the market, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is used by organisations of all kinds to help collect, organise and manage their data on their customers, supporters and other key individuals.

To ensure a better fit for charities and non-profit organisations, Microsoft Gold Partner m-hance has tailored the platform to create NfP 365 – a bespoke solution built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for charities to manage all key areas of their supporter-facing activity.

We’ve broken down the top ten must-have features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for charities below.

To read in more detail about the ways charities are making the most out of the platform, download m-hance’s full eBook ’10 reasons charities choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for managing supporter relationships’.


1 Single supporter view

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives anyone communicating with a charities’ supporters a complete, real-time view of every activity and interaction each individual makes with their organisation.

Not only does this help deliver a seamless supporter experience, it allows charities to build a bigger picture of their supporters and the ways they interact with them, letting them craft more tailored campaigns and hone in on the best ways to interact with their target audience.

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2 Supporter communication

As well as being able to spot trends and opportunities across a charities’ whole database of supporters, Dynamics 365 can improve the quality and relevance of interactions with them.

Dynamics 365 includes marketing automation that allows charities to automatically respond to their supporters by creating workflows. This makes communications targeted, personal and more likely to drive positive engagement.

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3 Income processing

Dynamics 365 helps charities manage often complex income streams by recognising the source of revenue – what appeal, campaign and event – and can categorise automatically as well as splitting the income across funds, helping to simplify the process of income management.

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4 Events

Managing busy charity calendars and making the most of engagement opportunities from physical events like galas or fundraisers can be a challenge.

Dynamics 365 comes with event management functionality and integrations with popular event management platforms like Eventbrite and Cvent, helping charities stay organised at every step from planning to post-event reporting.

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5 Grant administration

Dynamics 365 eases the grant management process by improving documentation and collaboration, tracking submissions from start to finish and enabling accurate, in-depth reporting to senior management and grant funders.

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6 Capturing Gift Aid

Gift Aid can be a double edged sword: great for extra income but accurately processing it can be a burden on charities’ time. Thankfully NfP 365 built on Dynamics 365 is built to intelligently process Gift Aid.

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7 Integrating with third-party software

Integration is key to Dynamics 365. Its ability to integrate with so many third-party software solutions makes it easy for all areas of an organisation to be managed from a single solution, and for a charity to make the most out of the other software investments and legacy systems it already has in place.

Plus, it allows charities to marry up different sources of data in clever and impactful ways.

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8 Managing volunteers

Volunteer management in Dynamics 365 lets charities more effectively coordinate their volunteer resource by giving them a full view of hours volunteered, skills and training, approval, and other data about individual volunteers, making it easy to motivate and reward them.

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9 Achieving GDPR compliance

Getting their data in order in time for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is something that every charity is having to deal with. Having a CRM system in place to manage data centrally is a great start, but even better if they are in the hands of a major player like Microsoft. The company has been at the forefront of GDPR compliance and it builds data transparency and iron-clad security into its Dynamics 365 system.

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10 Microsoft cloud benefits

It goes without saying that any Microsoft CRM comes with Microsoft cloud integration as standard. For charities already using Office suite applications this means Dynamics 365 comes with the same interface and design and is hosted on the Microsoft cloud, making it easy to pick up and go.

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