Charity Digital launches digital signposting platform for charities

The Charity Digital Marketplace platform will give charities bespoke access to offers and deals on hundreds of digital tools and services.

Chloe Green | 26th Apr 18
Charity Digital Marketplace

Today, Charity Digital has launched a new digital marketplace service for the charity sector – Charity Digital Marketplace.

The platform has been developed as a bespoke way of signposting tech solutions to charities that don’t know where to start, pointing them towards the best discounts and offers on software, services and tools to support their missions.

Charity Digital will be pre-filtering companies listed to make sure they’re either free or discounted for charities, or have charity-specific offerings.

The programme is in an early format for now, and Charity Digital welcomes all feedback from charities, including feedback as to the collated offerings as well as the platform itself.

Charities registered with the Charity Digital Exchange donation platform will get login access to Charity Digital Marketplace, where they will be able to acccess discount codes for a wide range of digital solutions as they become available. Charity Digital Marketplace will be free to use for all charities.

Matt Moorut, Head of Digital and Marketing at Charity Digital, said:

“It’s especially difficult for charities to find software, as solutions often aren’t designed specifically for charities and it can be difficult to find the time to navigate to the good ones from the dross.”

“We’re hoping to develop the platform from a helpful directory to a really useful platform that can give bespoke suggestions to the thousands of charities we currently link up with digital tech.”

“It’s early days, but we’re in a good place to try and develop something that’s beneficial for a lot of organisations. We’d love all of the feedback we can get.”

You can visit the tt-markeplace site here. Charity Digital has published a beginner’s guide to using the marketplace on its website here.

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