£750,000 up for grabs in WCIT Charity IT Awards

The City of London’s Worshipful Company of Information Technologists is awarding £750,000 to an eligible charity looking to drive a bigger impact using digital.

Chloe Green | 18th Apr 18
Charity IT Awards

The WCIT (Worshipful Company of Information Technologists) and its charity, the WCIT Charity, is launching its first ever Charity IT awards.

The organisation is awarding up to £750,000 to charities championing the transformative power of IT to have a bigger impact on people’s lives.

The award is open to all UK charities with an annual income between £2m and £10m, working to tackle young people’s education, or contending with disadvantage, disability or social exclusion.

Applications open on the 23rd April, and close on the 18th May – the WCIT Charity is looking to identify an organisation and project that is “innovative, ambitious, evidence-based and keen to have an enduring impact in partnership with the WCIT Charity.”

“We see this exciting new award as closely in line with our aim to be the leading facilitator of IT-related charitable activities in the UK – in this case by partnering with carefully selected charities,” said Mike Jenkins, Clerk, WCIT.

“We are looking forward to identifying a truly exceptional charity and working with it positively to identify ways in which we together use the transformative power of IT to benefit people’s lives.”

The WCIT is the 100th livery company of the City of London and has been running for 25 years. Its charity arm focuses on using IT skills to make a difference to UK charities, and has so far awarded pro bono expertise and grants of almost £4 million to charitablle causes.

To find out more about the application process and to see whether you are eligible to apply, click here.


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