New guide helps charities gain cyber security confidence

A new cyber security guide for charities aims to help them confidently embrace technology with an awareness of the risks and how to mitigate them.

Chloe Green | 17th Apr 18
cyber security guide for charities Image: Nathaniel Dahan, Upsplash

A new guide aimed at helping charities be more confident against digital risk has been launched by charity insurer Ecclesiastical in partnership with the Charites Security Forum.

The free cyber security guide for charities aims to help the third sector confidently embrace technology, by educating them on the wide range of cyber threats they could face, from ransomware, malware and denial of service to phishing, password attacks and human error.

It provides a wealth of practical advice for charities on mitigating these risks, including guidance on protecting themselves against data breaches.

The insurer’s own recent research with charities showed that 17% have already experienced a cyber-attack, with ransomware top of the list of cyber threats organisations have faced, while 63% said that they are concerned about cyber and internet crime.

Martyn Croft, cyber expert and co-founder of the Charities Security Forum with Brian Shorten, said: “Representing information security people working in charities and not-for-profits, the Charities Security Forum is committed to continuing to raise awareness of cyber risk in the third sector and to helping support these organisations with building up their digital defences.”

“This new guide by Ecclesiastical provides accessible information about the ways in which charities could find themselves exposed to the cyber security threat, but also gives simple, practical advice to help third sector organisations to protect themselves, and the people they help, against cyber crime.”

Download the guide, “Charity Cyber Guide: your defence against digital risk” here.

The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), part of GCHQ, has also recently released a cyber security guide for chairities, aiming particularly at smaller charities.

All charities are at risk from cyber attacks on their funds and data, but security experts from NCSC are concerned that charities – particularly small charities, do not see themselves as potential targets. The new guide includes advice on low cost solutions for backing up data, malware, passwords and phishing attacks – download it here.

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