Charity Digital News and CoopSys to host Cyber Essentials webinar for charities

Webinar attendees will get a good overview of the Cyber Essentials scheme and it’s real life implementation for charities.

Chloe Green | 20th Mar 18

Charity Digital News is hosting a webinar in partnership with non-profit IT partner CoopSys: “Implementing Cyber Essentials: a checklist for charities.”

The webinar, broadcasting on April 3rd at 13:30, will give non-profit organisations a comprehensive overview of the Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme, with insight into how to implement the essential cyber security guidance in a charity setting and best practice examples from real charities.

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats and demonstrate their commitment to data security.

With GDPR becoming law in just two months, implementing the Cyber Essentials checklist helps organisations lay the solid foundations for compliance and takes some of the guesswork out of being a responsible data handler.

Being certified under the scheme not only helps organisations face the tougher regulatory environment with confidence, but it builds resilience for the future and demonstrates to supporters, donors and beneficiaries that their charity takes protection of their data seriously.

For those that aren’t ready to undertake full certification under the scheme, the webinar will teach them how to align their processes with the guidance.

CoopSys has been providing IT services for the non-profit sector, including information security audits and assessments,  since 1987, and supports over 170 organisations throughout the UK. CoopSys is itself Cyber Essentials Certified and is in the process of rolling out the scheme at several charities.

Philip Anthony, Founder and Director at CoopSys, will explain the scheme’s practical applications for charities and share his extensive experience helping charities to implement it, with time for a live Q and A at the end.

“The UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme will help align your organisation with best IT practices, and when put in to practice considerably reduces the dangers of being hacked and data-loss,” says Anthony.

“Significantly, it enables you to evidence compliance with the data-protection aspects of GDPR, the new compulsory legislation being enacted in May 2018. Webinar attendees will get a good overview of the Cyber Essentials scheme and its real life implementation. ”

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