Charity uses animation to highlight service

Three-minute film highlights charity support made available by Dementia UK

Chloe Green | 19th Mar 18

Dementia UK has launched a moving animated film called ‘Together Again’ to illustrate how a husband struggles to reconnect to his wife who has dementia, helped by one of the charity’s Admiral Nurses.

In the three-minute animated film an elderly man stands on a stormy beach looking upset. His wife sits in a lighthouse looking lost, vulnerable and confused. With him is another person who represents Admiral Nurses, whose specialist knowledge and skills are used to help keep families that are affected by dementia closer.

Chief Admiral Nurse and CEO at Dementia UK, Dr Hilda Hayo said: “We are excited about ‘Together Again’, and how this will increase awareness of Admiral Nurses. “We want people who are looking after someone with dementia to know that there is specialist advice and support out there for them, in the form of Admiral Nurses.”