Microsoft to change software donation programme

Microsoft has announced changes for non-proft organisations coming into effect from 1st April 2018

Chloe Green | 5th Mar 18

Microsoft has announced changes to its worldwide software donation programme for non-profit organisations. From 1st April 2018, ‘Premium’ versions of some of its on-premises products will be moving to a discounted pricing model instead of the current donation offer.

Discounts and donations

Microsoft’s on-premises products encompass any that are stored locally, including Microsoft Office, SQL Server and Skype for Business Server.

While ‘Standard’ versions of these on-premises products will continue to be available to eligible charities and libraries as donations through Tech Trust’s tt-exchange programme, ‘Premium’ versions of these products will transition to the new, discounted model.

Microsoft has stated that the discounted products will be available to charities under the current eligibility criteria in place for their donation programme, and will constitute a 75% reduction from commercial pricing in most cases, or 60% off for Enterprise-class products.

Tech Trust, which has been Microsoft’s exclusive partner in serving donations to UK charities since 2006, will continue to provide Microsoft donations while also supplying the newly discounted products, allowing charities to easily access a mix of discounted and donated products.


More choice

Microsoft will also be broadening the range of title groups available to charities. Charities receive an allotment of Microsoft software donations every two years.

Microsoft has a longstanding history of supporting non-profit organisations globally – it has donated over a $1bn each year in cash and services to non-profit organisations worldwide. In September 2017, the company launched Tech for Social Impact (TSI), aimed at making cloud technology accessible and affordable for charities.

In a blog post explaining the upcoming changes, the company said that it will continue to give organisations the support they need to effectively leverage technology and accelerate their missions, with the goal of tripling the number of organisations it serves to 300,000 over the next three years.

As part of its aim of ensuring organisations are not left behind by the adoption of cloud technology, Microsoft is continuing to invest in FastTrack – a service supporting organisations to more easily migrate their on-premises data and services to the cloud.