Contactless boosts charity’s income

Average card contribution £15, 50% higher than the average cash donation

Chloe Green | 22nd Feb 18

Youth Music, a national charity investing in music-making projects for children and young people, has seen donations double following its adoption of contactless contributions at its fundraising events.

The charity collected nearly £3,000 at the recent VO5 NME Awards, where it was the official charity partner. At the event, fundraisers moved from table-to-table to collect money from 700 industry professionals. Half of the donations made on the night were made by card – 80% of which were contactless.

The average card donation was also 50% more than the average cash donation of £10.

Robert Carter, Director of Development at Youth Music said: “Like any charity, we want to raise as much awareness and as many donations as possible. We noticed fewer people were carrying cash at the events we were fundraising at, so we decided to do something about it.”

After research, Youth Music found iZettle, the financial technology company that enables donors to contribute in whatever way suits them best – whether it is by card, contactless or mobile.

“We trialled iZettle at the AIM Awards in January and immediately noticed a steep rise in the donations we received,” said Robert. “We doubled revenue from our previous award show, raising over £2,000 through iZettle alone.”

Youth Music is now preparing to host Give a Gig Week from 16 – 25 March.

The charity is calling on venues and artists to put on fundraising events during Give a Gig Week. The aim is to get 100 gigs to take place throughout the week. And, with artists including Craig David, Pixie Lott and The Wombats already signed up to take part, Youth Music certainly has plenty more cash and card donations coming its way.

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