Charity takes lasting legacy from corporate partnership

Wide-ranging charity partnership delivers core digital improvements as well as raising funds

Austin Clark | 14th Feb 18

A partnership between global consultancy firm Alpha FMC and the The Lucy Faithfull Foundation has delivered a lasting legacy for the charity.

The partnership is being cited as a great example of how companies can work together on much more than straightforward fundraising, with employees at the consultancy sharing time to work on flagship projects that are transforming the way the charity manages its internal communications and information-flow systems.

Alpha’s Charity of the Year Partnership is run each year by its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team. In 2017 the CSR team has worked closely with staff from The Lucy Faithfull Foundation to understand where Alpha’s consultancy expertise could make a difference.  As a result, two flagship projects were designed to significantly enhance and streamline services provided by the charity:

  • a substantially improved database to replace an existing paper-based storage system. The new system will have a major impact in reducing the wait-time of callers to the charity’s Stop it Now! Helpline which provides confidential and anonymous support to adults concerned about child sexual abuse and wanting to prevent a child from being abused.
  • a cloud-based internal communications tool to help the Foundation’s staff, many of whom work remotely, to communicate and collaborate on projects more effectively.


More traditional activities

As well as providing the charity with the sort of pro bono consultancy services normally out of reach to small and medium-sized charities, Alpha employees worldwide have also pedalled, run, baked and quizzed their way to raising over £17,000 for the charity.

The Alpha CSR team has also been successful in securing widespread participation in fundraising activities from every corner of the company. Many consultants took part in ‘One Hour, One Day’, an innovative fundraising idea that allows employees to donate either one hour or one day of their billable time direct from payroll. This scheme alone raised over £8,000.

The partnership also saw LFF staff impart crucial child sexual abuse prevention information to the Alpha workforce through a recorded seminar, written information and Q&A sessions. The information shared gives parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles the knowledge and tools they need to keep children safe.



Reflecting on the success of the partnership with Alpha FMC, Head of Fundraising and External Relations at The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, Deborah Denis, said:

“Our partnership with Alpha this year has exceeded all expectations and is a great example of what a meaningful charity partnership should look like. Charities will always be grateful for the money these partnerships raise, but the engagement Alpha staff have shown in our work and their professionalism in setting up new systems for data storage and information flow will be worth far more.

“There is no doubt that their support will continue to impact positively on our work to protect children for many years to come. It’s also been fascinating to work with professionals from a different field and we’ve learned so much in a very short space of time. Our heartfelt thanks to all our friends at Alpha for everything they have done for us over the last year.”