Thyngs rolls out new smartphone donation solution

Good Thyngs allows supporters to make instant Gift-Aided donations using Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal

Austin Clark | 8th Feb 18

Registered charities in the UK are invited to join Good Thyngs, a new service from mobile technology firm Thyngs that allows supporters to make instant donations simply by scanning a special QR code with their smartphone.

The unique code gives charities a low-risk method of accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal donations, and can be added to posters, leaflets, stickers, staff and volunteer badges – almost anything in fact – turning them into instant mobile donation points.

Donors simply scan the charity’s Good Thyngs code, select one of the donation amounts set by the charity, choose their preferred payment method, and confirm the donation with their fingerprint or a stored card. They can even make a Gift Aid declaration without having to enter any details, whilst their donation is sent to the charity’s bank account.

“The Good Thyngs sign up process is incredibly simple, and this new service means that charities can now reach a new generation of mobile-savvy donors quickly and cost-effectively,” said founder of CEO of Thyngs, Neil Garner. “With cash donations falling and smartphone usage increasing, it gives any registered charity a low-risk way to take advantage of the growth in mobile payments.”

By completing the simple four-step sign up process participating charities will receive their own Good Thyngs code, a customisable donation page with mobile wallet support, a set of helpful usage guidelines, and access to the Thyngs platform. This allows them to view details of each donation, download Gift Aid declarations, edit their donation page and optionally create additional codes and/or upgrade to add NFC (Near Field Communication) capability to make it even quicker and easier for supporters to donate.

Eligible charities can create a Good Thyngs code for free, and only pay a small percentage (around 60p of a £10 donation) when a donation is received, which is more than offset by the additional Gift Aid they can reclaim.

Donors can use any mobile app that recognises QR codes to scan a Good Thyngs code. This includes the built-in camera in iOS 11, as well as popular social networking apps such as Chrome, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, and dedicated QR code readers.