GoFundMe introduces a 0% platform fee for personal campaigns

Platform brings the model already in use in US and Canada to the United Kingdom.

Chloe Green | 17th Jan 18

GoFundMe, the growing fundraising platform, has announced that it will abolish fees for users in the UK donating to campaigns for personal causes.

The platform will instead be funded through voluntary tips from users – something that already happens in the US and Canada. A payment processing fee of 2.9% will still be levied.

Communication by GoFundMe claims that it is now the “only major peer-to-peer fundraising platform available in the UK that doesn’t charge a platform fee”.

The platform claims that “around one in every 20 UK adults” have made a donation through GoFundMe, with “an average of 7,500 donations every day”.

Rob Solomon, CEO of GoFundMe, said: “We’ve been amazed by the generosity of people in the UK since we launched here. We want to mark that anniversary by giving GoFundMe organisers in the UK the chance to raise even more money for the causes they love without a platform fee. We’re looking forward to seeing more people giving and getting the help they need.”