Blackbaud releases new guide to raising more using data intelligence

Blackbaud has released new free guide to making the most out of data, estimating that the average non-profit is missing out on £3 million in untapped giving potential.

Sponsored Content | 15th Jan 18
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The average non-profit is missing out on nearly £3 million in untapped giving potential, as revealed in the latest eBook from charity cloud software partner Blackbaud Europe.

The Analytics Toolkit is a step-by-step guide to data intelligence for non-profits. It details the key benefits of data analytics, and outlines how non-profits can use the data they already hold to build better supporter relationships and maximise fundraising income.

The 20-page guide contains contributions from over 30 philanthropy experts, and explores strategies for evaluating non-profit data practices and turning insights into action.

Speaking on release of the new guide, Blackbaud Europe Managing Director Lianne McGrory said:

“Our research shows that the average non-profit could achieve an uplift of nearly £900 from major donors. That’s why we wrote the Analytics Toolkit; to help non-profits realise this uplift, and so do more for their causes.”

“Donor data is clearly one of the most powerful assets a non-profit organisation has.”

It’s this knowledge, he says, that enables non-profits to make informed asks that resonate with supporters, and helps tailor fundraising activity to meet donors’ needs and preferences.

“By embracing data analytics, non-profits are able to focus their efforts in the right place to maximise the reach of their message and reduce the risk of wasted time or money.”

“Thankfully, non-profits have already done the hard work of gathering this knowledge; it’s already in their supporter database. And as the leading supplier of non-profit data-management solutions for over 30 years, we’ve learned a few techniques to realise the value this data – which we’re sharing in our Analytics Toolkit.”

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