Microsoft releases update to ‘A Cloud for Global Good’ policy road map

Updated set of recommendations for creating a modern policy environment released

Austin Clark | 9th Jan 18

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president and chief legal officer, has posted an update on the tech giant’s A Cloud for Global Good initiative.

The update was timed to coincide with the release of an updated A Cloud for Global Good, a policy road map for governments, industry and civil society to consider as they realise the opportunities and address the challenges presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This new version, which updates the edition released in October 2016, reflects the rapidly changing world and recent advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, mixed reality and other cloud-enabled technologies.

Smith commented: “The 2018 edition of A Cloud for Global Good contains an updated set of recommendations for creating a modern policy environment in which cloud technology can be developed and deployed in a trusted, responsible and inclusive way.

“It contains our learnings and ideas from the past year, including recommendations on how governments can create a regulatory environment that provides people with the skills needed to succeed in the workplace, ensures technology companies deliver innovation responsibly and with accountability, and protects people from the misuse of new technology.”

He goes on to add that, while governments have a leading role to play, they cannot do it alone. “Microsoft is committed to doing our part by investing and partnering with stakeholders around the world. We will continue to advance the creation of a Digital Geneva Convention to protect civilians in cyberspace in times of peace. We will also continue to expand our AI for Earth program to solve climate issues with technology.”

The post points to initiatives that have made a difference. Artificial intelligence (AI), for instance, is helping those with low vision to better interact with the world through Seeing AI, researchers stop the spread of viruses like Zika and malaria, and radiologists raise the accuracy and reduce the time involved in identifying tumours.

The 2018 update to A Cloud for Global Good can be accessed here.