Facebook to drop fees on donations made via the platform

Number of announcements made at organisation’s Social Good Forum

Austin Clark | 30th Nov 17

Facebook is to eliminate all Facebook fees on donations made to non-profits via the social media platform.

The announcement was one of many made at the company’s Social Good Forum, held earlier this week. The new tools and initiatives have been designed for communities to help each other and include:


Eliminating non-profit fees

Facebook says it has been inspired by its community raising millions on Facebook for non-profit organisations with the fundraising and donation tools on Facebook. That’s why it is eliminating all Facebook fees on donations made to non-profits on Facebook.

This includes all donations made to non-profits from fundraisers, as well as donate buttons on non-profit Facebook pages, posts, and in Live videos.


Fundraisers API

Facebook’s Fundraisers API, which allows people to sync their off-Facebook fundraising efforts to Facebook fundraisers, was also announced.

Facebook said that it has been testing the Fundraisers API with charitable events and races. When people participating in charitable races and events connect their fundraising campaign with Facebook, it creates a Facebook fundraiser that syncs with their non-profit campaign page. This means that donations made on Facebook will be reflected on their campaign page, and vice versa.

Connecting to Facebook can help participants meet their goal faster by allowing them to easily reach all of their Facebook friends. Friends can share the fundraiser with others, spreading the word and reaching new donors. And donors can give in just a few taps without ever leaving Facebook.

“We’ve seen many impactful stories from this beta and are excited to roll out to 500 additional non-profits by the end of spring 2018,” the company said.