Barnardo’s embraces the future of work with Citrix

Children’s charity uses Citrix Workspace technologies to make its case workers more agile

Austin Clark | 20th Nov 17
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Children’s charity Barnardo’s has invested in an integrated digital workspace based on Citrix Workspace solutions that will allow its staff to work effectively wherever they are and be able to exchange information securely.

The charity, which has a history of supporting vulnerable children for over 150 years and employs over 8,000 staff, is using Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler, ShareFile and XenMobile to create a highly secure, agile and flexible workspace for its staff – both for those situated within its own new redesigned, hot-desk based head office and for workers out on the road.

Key benefits of the project include:

  • Access to data and applications via any device: Staff can access their data and applications using a combination of XenApp (particularly useful for delivery of legacy apps), XenDesktop and XenMobile. The secure digital workspace provides a seamless solution, meaning staff can work on a document in a Barnardo’s office, disconnect, then reconnect either at home or in a local authority office – the experience is exactly the same. One of the key points for XenMobile is the separation of secure and insecure data on a mobile device. Barnardo’s can allow personal apps on corporate devices because of XenMobile’s secure partition.
  • Securing confidential information from loss or theft: Information security is an absolute priority for any Children’s charity.  Where information is paper based there is a risk associated with transporting confidential data, forms can be lost or stolen. With Citrix Workplace solutions in Barnardo’s, all data and applications are stored securely, with appropriate access to all authorised staff only.
  • Sharing information internally and externally, quickly and securely: Sharing information with other agencies is also more secure. Previously, Barnardo’s used SFTP to transfer files. Citrix ShareFile allows Barnardo’s to send a time-limited URL to only those who need to access the information. It is also possible to expire shared folders and limit the ability to share or save data.
  • A more mobile workforce: The nature of the work means that many of the Barnardo’s team are mobile workers, and are permanently on the road. They can now access their emails and calendars on the move. Barnardo’s are piloting the Citrix Custom Workflows so that they can type up notes on the move and have them automatically loaded into applications via Citrix Sharefile.

Michael Fleet, Head of End-User Computing, Barnardo’s said: “In Barnardo’s we want to maximise the money spent directly on service delivery and children, so any spend on technology has to clearly demonstrate its worth.

“We’ve definitely seen the benefit of using the Citrix technology stack to save our staff time, and enable them to be more productive when working away from the office. From talking to other charities, we know we can provide secure access to our information in ways that they are not able to. With Citrix, we’ve been able to support more children, more effectively.”

Darren Fields, Regional Director, UK & Ireland, Citrix added: “The future of work is mobile and secure – workers can access vital data and applications on any device, anywhere. This is never more important than in organisations with large field workforces. Barnardo’s decision to deploy Citrix technology is testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible service to staff and the children, families and communities it supports.”