Co-Operative Systems rebrands as CoopSys

Rebrand to create a clear identity for charity IT specialist

Austin Clark | 13th Nov 17

Charity IT specialist Co-Operative Systems has changed its name to CoopSys. The change, which took effect at the beginning of November, has been made to help provide the business with a clearer identity.

Commenting on the rebrand, company Director Philip Anthony said: “We already owned as the domain and we thought we could register it as a trademarked brand, which we could. It’s faster, it means less typing and it’s unique. It also means we won’t receive calls from people looking for the Co-op Food, wondering where their grocery order is!

“It has been an interesting exercise for us and it’s not until you start rebranding that you realise just how much of a footprint you leave behind. All of the company documents, logos, website, doorplate and so on have been changed, but especially online we’ve definitely left a legacy.

“One practical piece of advice for anyone relocating or name changing, like we have, is to ask Google to change things as early as possible – we’ve been asking for five weeks and it still hasn’t happened!”