Steps to raise more money on #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday will be celebrated on 28th November this year. Here’s a ready-to-go communication strategy for charities to use.

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#GivingTuesday is a global holiday that celebrates generosity and kindness by giving to not-for-profit organisations all around the world. It kicks off the giving season and sets itself apart as a social media celebration, hence the hashtag you often see associated with it.

#GivingTuesday will be celebrated on 28th November this year. To help you maximise the day, we have developed this ready-to-go communication strategy for charities to use.


Before #GivingTuesday

Organise your collateral into a single, cohesive plan that aligns your messaging across direct mail, email, text, mobile, and social media.

Set up a spreadsheet with tabs for all of your communications and map out send dates and post times. Because #GivingTuesday is just one day, don’t play by the rules. Get the word out again and again to ensure your donors don’t miss the memo.

Announce that your organisation will be participating in #GivingTuesday 30 days before. Once the 30-day countdown starts, post about it weekly. The day before #GivingTuesday, send out a reminder to make sure your supporters don’t forget.


On #GivingTuesday

6AM: Send an email to your donors announcing the official kick-off of your campaign and give them a link to your donation form. Change your homepage to feature your #GivingTuesday form and send out social media updates to your followers.

7AM – 11PM: Post every 2-3 hours. Make compelling asks and complement them with beautiful photos. Tell donors how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal for the day and reinforce the ask.

10AM: Send a second email. It should be a brief reminder about #GivingTuesday and its significance to your organisation. Be sure to post social media updates throughout the day to keep donors updated.

11PM: Send a final email appeal to secure any last-minute donations. While this may seem like a lot of emails, our experience shows that during an event like this, there’s no such thing as too much communication. Your constituents will want to know how you’re doing. Plus, if they know you’re aiming for a specific amount, they’ll be excited to follow along and celebrate with you when you reach your goal.


Go for the goal

DonorPerfect has put together a guide with further templates, tips and more to help with #Giving Tuesday, which you can access here for free.

DonorPerfect themselves provide tools from online giving solutions to email marketing and custom reporting, which can help turn new donors into lifelong supporters, letting you follow up success on #GivingTuesday.