Technology Trust is changing its name

Technology Trust has announced one of the slightest brand updates of the year…

Chloe Green | 26th Oct 17
Tech-Trust rebrand

Technology Trust has announced one of the slightest brand updates of the year – shortening its name to Charity Digital.

The change of name, though subtle, better reflects the nature of digital services today as well as Charity Digital’s own offerings to the charity sector.


New offerings on the horizon

The decision comes as the charity looks to develop new services that better match the third sector today. Two such projects in the pipeline are a combined digital self-assessment / signposting tool and a marketplace for tech suppliers to UK charities – both expected in early 2018.

“The logic behind the name change is that it better represents us as an organisation today,” explains Richard Craig, CEO. “Tech has increasingly come to encompass the modern, digital environment that every charity should embrace whereas technology describes the older, physical infrastructure stuff that only a subset of any organisation is involved with.”

“As the scope of our products and services change to represent the new world of digital, cloud-based solutions, it makes sense for us to give ourselves a slight brand refresh.”



“We also have some big milestones coming up for some of our services (watch this space), so it’s good to give ourselves a clean launch with the services we already offer.”

The charity was founded in 2001 as Charity Technology Trust (CTT) and changed its name 4 years ago this month.

Their most popular services, namely the Charity Digital Exchange software donation programme and the Charity Digital Mail email marketing service will remain the same during the rebrand. These serve a combined total of 38,000 charities and attract around 500 new charities each month.