St John Ambulance commissions pioneering interactive online training

Scenario-based training allows the public to test their skills and confidence in spotting a life-threatening situation

Chloe Green | 26th Oct 17

First aid charity St John Ambulance has created a pioneering interactive online training pilot.

The project, produced by Digital Training Solutions (DTS) using the company’s own Near-Life technology, incorporates the growing trend for gamification in learning. The scenario-based training allows the public to test their skills and confidence in spotting a life-threatening situation, learning vital skills and revealing gaps in their knowledge.

Using cutting-edge gaming technology, users’ can test their knowledge in real-time through ‘point of view’ interactive video scenarios.

Karen Wain, Training Products Manager at St John Ambulance, said: “Feedback on the pilot has been incredibly positive; 400,000 people every year learn to save a life through our training programmes, so it is exciting to have created this scenario-based learning with the potential to reach many more people in an effective online format.”

Geseth Garcia, co-founder of DTS, said: “Our Near-Life tech, with interactive scenarios and a game-based approach to learning, offers St John Ambulance the opportunity to significantly extend the availability of its training, saving more lives in the process.”

DTS provides a comprehensive online learning consultancy service using its own trademarked Near-Life technology. The company has pioneered the use of gamification in online learning, introducing a game based approach to interactive storytelling. The company also recently launched Hostile World, increasing access to Hostile Environment Training by eliminating the requirement for lengthy residential courses and high costs. The online platform also creates opportunity to reach humanitarian aid workers out in the field, including those unable to leave their location, allowing them to access vital skills.

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