Making loneliness mainstream (video)

The Campaign to End Loneliness says that the film has started a vital conversation

Austin Clark | 6th Oct 17

The Loneliness Project, a three-minute film to raise awareness of loneliness in older age, has reached 11 million views since its release on 22 September. The film was made by the Campaign to End Loneliness and the creative agency BMB.

Marcus Rand, Director of Communications at the Campaign to End Loneliness, said: “The Loneliness Project proves that loneliness is an issue that people really empathise and connect with. This is welcome news, as our recent research shows the enormous scale of loneliness in UK – and the sense of despair around it – 9 in 10 people (89%) believe loneliness in older age is more likely now than ever, and over half of British adults saying that admitting to loneliness is difficult.

“The Loneliness Project has started a conversation about loneliness, to start breaking down that stigma and to engage a new and younger audience. We wanted to make people realise that they can be part of the solution to ending loneliness. Whether 24 or 84, we all need connections that matter – and that message needed to grab attention.

“It was vital to secure the attention of some of the biggest media platforms – like UniLad, MailOnline and ViralThread – to connect with as large an audience as possible, as we believe that everyone has a role to play in ending loneliness. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of comments and questions from people all across the world in response to The Loneliness Project, and thousands of people wanting to help. To see so many people wanting to take action on loneliness is inspiring.”

Barry and Joe in The Loneliness Project