First availability of contactless charity boxes confirmed

Royal Association for Deaf People one of the initial partners when tap+Donate officially launches on 23 October

Chloe Green | 2nd Oct 17

The UK launch of the tap+Donate contactless charity boxes will take place on 23 October with the Royal Association for Deaf people being one of the initial partners.

The launch follows a trial in March with UK charity School of Hard Knocks since when the tap+Donate contactless box has been adapted to reflect user comments. The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) was consulted on the trial.

The associated app allows charity fundraisers to set a repeating donation level. However, should a donor wish to make a larger donation the Chip & PIN facility can be activated and then the repeating amount re-activated.

Units will be available for rent (£45 per month) or sale (£250) with a one-time set-up fee per charitable organisation of £250. The units are made up of two parts, a contactless pad (also able to accept Chip & PIN) and a brandable frame.

Shipping with the units will be a spare battery, lanyard and template for branding stickers. All major contactless cards are accepted.

Donate has also agreed a banking arrangement with Barclaycard to ensure that charities can collect funds immediately on receipt of their contactless box rather than having to set-up their own banking acquiring account.

More information can be found at

Commenting on the launch William Makower, founder Trustee of National Funding Scheme, said: “With a predicted 45% drop in Britons’ use of cash and a 900% increase in contactless payments [1], the provision of a national solution to contactless charitable giving is increasingly urgent. Offering both a purchase and rental route, tap+Donate provides the answer to UK charities’ need to replace cash buckets.”

Dr. Jan Sheldon, Chief Executive of Royal Association for Deaf people, added: “Our supporters tell us that they want the ability to donate quickly and seamlessly particularly if they’re not carrying cash. The ease of using a contactless unit like the tap+Donate service meets this need perfectly.”