Facebook brings crisis response tools together in one centre

Facebook has launched Crisis Response, a new centre on Facebook which brings together its crisis response tools in one place.

As part of this update, Facebook is also introducing links to articles, videos and photos posted publicly by the Facebook community, to help people be more informed about a crisis.


Response tools

Facebook has developed a suite of crisis response tools based on what it has learned from its community.

People will be able to access Crisis Response on Facebook in the upcoming weeks from the homepage on desktop or from the menu button on their phone. The following tools will be available on the crisis page:

  • Safety Check: an easy way to let your friends and family know you’re safe. It will continue to work the same way it does today and will be featured at the top of each crisis page if you are in the affected area.
  • Crisis-related content: links to articles, photos and videos from public posts can help people learn more about a crisis.
  • Community Help: people can ask for and give help to communities affected by the crisis.
  • Fundraisers: people can create fundraisers and donate to support those affected by the crisis and non-profit organisations helping with relief efforts.


More crisis-related content

Additional tools have also been announced by Facebook. When people receive Safety Check notifications or learn that a crisis has happened, they may not know much about the incident and want to learn more. As a result, the social media giant has begun including links to articles, photos, and videos from public posts so people have access to more information about a crisis in one place. Safety Check activations and related information may also appear in News Feed to help provide additional details about a crisis.

Facebook sees Crisis Response as a streamlined tool for people to use as they support one another. Some examples are as follows:

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