Facebook announces launch of fundraising tools in UK

Facebook has announced the launch of its nonprofit fundraising tools in the UK and 15 other countries across Europe

Austin Clark | 12th Sep 17

Facebook has announced the launch of its nonprofit fundraising tools in the UK and 15 other countries across Europe.

The social media giant says that when people mobilise around the causes they care about, it builds a safe and supportive community. Its charitable giving tools, which are already available in the US, have made it easy for people to raise millions of dollars for charities to support those in need directly on Facebook.

“Since we launched these tools in the US, we have seen our community raise millions of dollars for charities, for causes such as disaster relief, the environment and education,” a statement by the company said. “In fact, just two weeks ago, the Facebook community came together to raise over USD $10 million to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey in the United States.”

Beginning in late September, Facebook will start testing fundraising tools in five countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany and Spain. In early October it’ll expand the test to Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Finland and Luxembourg.

Charitable organisations based in one of these 16 countries are invited to sign up to be one of the first nonprofits to use Facebook’s charitable giving tools to achieve their fundraising objectives through these tools:

  • Collect donations on Facebook with the donate button. The donate button is a quick and easy way to raise money. Individuals and nonprofit Pages can attach the donate button to Page headers and posts, including video, photo or text.
  • Empower supporters with Facebook Fundraisers. Millions of people are connected to nonprofit pages on Facebook. Many are eager to give money to causes they care about. With nonprofit fundraisers, people can raise funds and awareness for their favourite nonprofits in a forum they know and frequent. Fundraisers allow people to set up a dedicated Page to tell others about their preferred nonprofit and its mission and encourage them to rally around a targeted fundraising goal. People can reach their friends where they are – on Facebook – and build momentum for their cause with quick donations and easy sharing. Supporters with a birthday listed on Facebook can even create a birthday fundraiser through a simple prompt.
  • Engage supporters with Facebook Live. Collecting donations during a Live broadcast has become a powerful tool for fundraising. Ariana Grande’s benefit concert to honor victims of the Manchester terror attack used donate buttons in Facebook Live to raise more than USD $450,000. Individuals and verified Facebook Pages can add the donate button directly to Live broadcasts to raise money for a nonprofit on their iOS device. Android users who have created a nonprofit fundraiser can attach their fundraiser to their Live broadcasts. Anybody watching the Live broadcast can donate as they watch, or after the video ends and is posted on their Page.

Facebook added that it will be working with beta partners to start including: Movember UK, Oxfam UK, UNICEF UK, Aktion Deutschland Hilft (Germany), Caritas (Spain), Save the Children Spain, UNICEF France, and UNICEF Germany.

Nonprofits that have signed up directly for Facebook’s fundraising tools pay a 5% fee on each donation. 3.5% covers costs of nonprofit vetting, language translation, fraud prevention, operational costs and payment support and 1.5% covers payment processing. Facebook’s goal is to create a platform for good that’s sustainable over the long-term, and not to make a profit from our charitable giving tools.

Charities can sign-up and learn more at https://donations.fb.com/