More user-centric website boosts donations for The Electoral Reform Society

Changes to website structure and new user-centric content resulted in an 8.3% increase in donations and 13.1% increase in pages per visit

Chloe Green | 6th Sep 17

The Electoral Reform Society significantly increased conversion rates over the election period following a revamp of its website and brand identity by digital agency and social enterprise Reason Digital.

The website structure overhaul and stripped back, user-centric content improved the user experience drastically. This resulted in an 8.3% increase in donations as well as a 13.1% increase in pages per visit.

The Electoral Reform Society fights for fairer representation in the House of Commons and a fairer system for voting and electing MPs in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The project with Reason Digital, which was completed in an accelerated timeframe due to the announcement of the snap election, also meant that the daily volume of website traffic was six times higher than average in the five-day period during the election.

Matt Haworth, co-founder of Reason Digital, said: “During the 2015 general election, The Electoral Reform Society received as many website visits in a two-week period as it did in the entire year that followed. This meant that when Theresa May called the snap election, it was imperative that the project be completed two months ahead of schedule to achieve maximum impact, which is exactly what we were able to do.

“We understand just how important a clear and user-friendly digital presence are to a successful campaign like this. We redesigned the website with this in mind, focusing on a simple structure and clear calls to action which have resulted in greater capacity for user traffic and increased conversion rates.”

Doug Cowan, digital communications officer at The Electoral Reform Society, said: “We’re incredibly pleased with the new look and feel of our brand and website, and the improvement in engagement is a testament to the brilliant job that the team at Reason Digital did in such a short space of time.

“Now that the full site has launched, it is fantastic to see that the features we worked on are having such a positive impact on spreading our message.”