Donation platform developed by British Red Cross as digital transformation continues

Security a key concern as charity looks to build robust platform

Austin Clark | 17th Aug 17

The British Red Cross is developing a digital donation platform as part of wider IT transformation, according to the charity’s CIO, Rosie Slater.

In an interview with CIO magazine, Slater says the platform’s development is all about ensuring an effective way to handle an enormous volume of traffic during crises such as May’s Manchester attacks. The platform is part of a series of work at the organisation to help keep up with growing user demands.

Slater says in the interview: “It became obvious that our website wasn’t fit for purpose. There was a risk when we had a lot of users and given that what we do is about preparing for crisis’ and emergencies it became a concern.”

Security is also a big concern for the charity, Slater added, saying that prior to the donation platform going live, it was understood that “a digital service had to be secure, could withstand malicious attacks, and also support a large number of users”.

“Before the platform went live we went through a stress test exercise,” Slater explained. “We have penetration testing on every project we do, and regularly looking at wider ways of a possible cyber attack.”

“It is not about doing security once, it is a constant vigilance because donation data is hugely important to the people we help.

“We have somebody in our team whose role is solely IT security and every project has to go through an IT security gateway. Security keeps changing so what we do this week might be different to what we do next month so we can’t ever tick the box of security.”

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