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Mosaic Group acquires interest in CommittedGiving solution

Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions, the ‘banking and thanking’ fulfilment and personalised communications division of the Mosaic Group, continues to increase its UK footprint, acquiring an interest in CommmittedGiving, the UK’s pioneering online donation management platform.

CommittedGiving is a provider of secure web-based fundraising, marketing and supporter services and accredited Direct Debit bureau and as part of the Mosaic Group can deliver complete end-to-end transaction processing services for their not for profit clients, including regular giving, online and offline donations and seamless supporter communications.

Created as a solution to enable the UK’s biggest donor conversion programmes from standing orders to direct debit CommittedGiving went on to deliver the UK’s first fully online platform.

Founding Director Peter Larsen said: “The first national campaigns combined DRTV, local radio, direct mail, telemarketing and press – banners and AdWords were a small part of the mix then, but we designed the technology to provide the different response handling teams the tools they needed to deliver the best donor care and maximise the return on significant investments by the clients. This exciting partnership with Mosaic is about delivering a state of the art, quality assured 360° service with the flexibility charities need in an increasingly competitive environment.”

CommittedGiving continue to lead the way in innovation, staying ahead of changes in the way charities use their budget across media channels in search of donations, but as with the very first campaign the ability to tailor the service to best fit the specific needs of each client and each campaign lies at the core of its offering.

Mosaic and CommittedGiving have been working together successfully for several years supporting several well known charities and a growing realisation of their shared belief and common approach to deliver affordable excellence for the sector has led to this formal partnership.

Duncan Marrison, Managing Director of Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions said: “Formalising our strong working relationship by acquiring an interest in Committed Giving is incredibly exciting for Mosaic, the technology and service offering Committed Giving provide is industry leading and compliments that of Mosaic.

“We have fully integrated the Committed Giving front end digital platform and processing activities into our existing proposition providing a complete end-to-end transaction processing service for our Clients, fully scalable, supported by the latest technologies and delivering security and compliance as standard.”

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