Alternative online donation platform goes live

Project helping charities by providing a fresh approach to online donations, without using a potentially costly third party

Chloe Green | 9th Jun 17

Plymouth-based software development company Core Blue is working on a project to help charities by providing a fresh approach to online donations, without using a potentially costly third party.

Core Blue has devised an easy to use system called ‘Let’s Talk Charity’ which bypasses the need for an external service and so ensures people can safely contribute directly through an embedded solution on the charity’s website itself.

The team envisage huge benefits for charities when it starts operating over the course of the next few weeks.

“There are many strong benefits to the system,” explains co-director Lewis Boyles-White. “It saves third party involvement and so the charity can immediately text or e-mail a thank you to the individual, without going via a third party.”

The safe and secure payment system has been carefully devised over the past year by Lewis, along with co-director Dan Hardman.

Crucially, the system will also allow for a speedy transfer of crucial ‘gift aid’ funds – which are normally reclaimed manually via HMRC.

Core Blue’s system allows for entirely automatic submission of gift aid claims and a speedy transfer of Gift Aid back into the charity’s coffers – meaning money goes quickly to where it’s needed the most.

“Our ethos is to push the boundaries and no one is really doing what we do, in the way we are doing it” says Lewis.

“Charities haven’t necessarily made the jump to the digital market and we want to help them to do so by creating the best possible solutions which will perform exceptionally well for both the charity and the people who benefit from them.”

“We take the risk away from medium sized charities and provide them with an affordable, secure and efficient for them to process donations on their website. ”

“We are a socially responsible company and this product sets out to raise money for them by encouraging people to donate on-line in a smart, easy to use system. It’s a showcase product which demonstrates the type of highly robust and scalable platforms we are able to build for our clients.”