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4 tips for more shareable emails

Email marketing

Encouraging repeat donations from your loyal supporters is fab! Do you know what’s also great? Establishing new donors.

Creating engaging content is the ultimate priority when it comes to shareability. WaterAid, for example, pride themselves on having an engagement strategy rather than a fundraising one.

When you think about it, they shouldn’t be two different strategies at all; they should be directly linked to one another.

The focus is on content that’s worth sharing and creating discussion, so there is always opportunity to expand the network. This approach means WaterAid and other charities aren’t limited to just getting conversions from the people they email directly.

This word-of-mouth style marketing is a budget-friendly and highly-effective way to grow your contact list with like-minded individuals. So the question is: what are some essentials for shareable content?

  1. Find the media sweet spot – Videos and images are great for making your emails appear more exciting and can be a great way to portray what just can’t be written with the same effect. Too much, however, and your email could be slow to load or be sent straight to the junk folder, not good!
  2. Use short, sharp and memorable text – Including statistics, figures or survey results as a focal point of your email campaigns helps with shareability by making the information quickly digestible and easy to pass on.
  3. Add links and call to action buttons – You want to make sure that if readers want to find out more or act upon anything in your email, they can. Buttons make it as straight forward as possible for recipients to read on or donate quickly, and that applies when the email is shared too!
  4. Make it easy to forward – Having great content is obviously crucial, but so is making it as simple as possible to share. Including a ‘forward this email’ link or button in your email can work wonders!


This article is an excerpt of a blog entitled ‘Is your charity doing email marketing right?‘, which was written by Emelia Goodall, Digital Marketing Executive at Technology Trust.

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