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Charities recognised for embracing digital

A trio of charities have been recognised for successfully embracing digital technology in the 2017 Charity Governance Awards.

Asthma UK, Raise the Roof Kenya and the Royal Opera House have all been shortlisted for the award, which will be presented later this month. The winning charity in each category will receive £5,000.

Here are the details of the shortlisted entries:


Asthma UK

Asthma UK has whole-heartedly embraced digital to reach more people with asthma.

Supported by a board eager to identify and fill gaps in their knowledge, Asthma UK has rebuilt its website to create a more personalised user experience. In the first nine months alone this empowered the charity to help over half a million more people online.

A powerful new “test and learn” ethos now drives the charity’s digital transformation, encompassing everything from social media to research.


Raise the Roof Kenya

Raise the Roof has harnessed accessible digital technology to connect board members with projects across the world and create more personal relationships with the communities it works with.

Digital solutions like WhatsApp, Twitter and Basecamp have “rejuvenated” the way Raise the Roof operates. Using low-cost smart technology frees more funds for vital projects while allowing this small, grassroots charity to make fast, yet informed, decisions on the ground.


Royal Opera House

Inspired and supported by its board, The Royal Opera House has focused on deep digital engagement to enrich more people’s lives through opera and ballet.

The charity has invested in pioneering virtual reality technology to give people a new on-stage perspective, while its carefully-targeted digital content reaches 990,000 followers and subscribers on social media. It’s also attracted fresh audiences through innovative projects like National Ballet Day, which took ballet to six million people world-wide through Facebook Live.

Further information on the awards can be found here.

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