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How a UK health service charity made the most of Windows Server Datacenter

We spoke to a health-based charity that is utilising a new server set-up to power core functions, boost reliability and enhance performance.

Diverse Abilities is an example of such a charity. They operate 24/7 across multiple regions, providing care and support for people with learning disabilities. It’s therefore crucial that their server can function effectively with multiple demands. They use SQL Server for their fundraising CRM and HR systems alongside Exchange Server and two databases.

As they grew, they found that their previous server, running Windows Server Essentials, kept breaking down under the pressure of running everything on a single machine. They took the decision to move to Windows Server Datacenter to remedy this problem.

Previously, the different programs running on their server were competing for resources, which meant they were all underperforming.

Windows Server Datacenter, however, allows for numerous virtual machines to run different server operating systems on a single machine. This means that separate servers can run on different virtual machines. Its virtualisation rights allow users to send fixed resources to each system. The more resources they can allocate to their SQL Server, the faster it can retrieve information.

Also, this new setup means that if a restart is ever needed, it can be done to just a single server as the different systems don’t interfere with each other.

The charity had been concerned about the purchase cost versus the benefits of upgrading, but fortunately had prior knowledge of tt-exchange and so referred to the catalogue.

IT administrator Mike Meaden expressed his relief that Windows Server Datacenter edition was available on tt-exchange, stating that Diverse Abilities “could never afford a redundant and reliable IT system running standardised software without Technology Trust”.

A full range of Microsoft’s server software is available through the tt-exchange donation programme, which can save charities thousands of pounds at a time on the cost of upgrading.

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