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Upgraded WhaleSlide charity initiative set to go live

A new version of WhaleSlide, the search engine that allows consumers to raise money for a chosen charity while they shop, is to be launched this week.

WhaleSlide donates 50% of its profits to charities, who can sign up to the service and use it free of charge. Currently, 17,000 partner retailers can be accessed by the service.

As well as the updated web offering, a new mobile app is due to be launched that will allow shoppers to enjoy the same levels of service while on the go.

Francesco Petruzzelli, who founded WhaleSlide along with Andy Curran, told the Evesham Journal: “The idea just came from using iGoogle and not being satisfied with the features they provided or the levels of privacy it offered.

“We were initially looking to donate a percentage of our revenue to charity but quickly decided that it was better to open it up to any charity that was looking to raise funds and allow our users to decide which cause they wanted to support.

“We already have 320 charities registered and welcome more to join.

“From trials so far we’re predicting an average of just over £20 raised per user throughout the year.”

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