Givergy announces new payment platform integration

Fundraising technology platform Givergy has announced a new integration with payment platform Stripe Connect.

The partnership with the marketplace system allows for a seamless centralised payment experience from the Givergy headquarters in the UK to territories all over the world including USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, accepting payments in 136 currencies.

In addition, the new platform enhances the service to charities by allowing faster and easier fund transfers to the respective charities, raised through live event and online auctions.

Following fundraising events or online campaigns, charities will now get paid automatically at the end of their payment collection period into their very own secure sub-account.

Givergy’s COO, Jon Douglas said: “To put it simply, Stripe will revolutionise the efficiency with which we connect the consumer and charity.

“This integration was not only a necessary step in improving our business here in the UK, but is integral to our ambitions abroad. By having one payment platform for all territories we can continue to deliver outstanding results for all existing and future clients.”

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