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Digital Mother’s Day campaign created by Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK has launched an emotion-filled Mother’s Day campaign compiled of user-generated content showing mums that have survived cancer thanks to donations that have funded research.

The ‘Because of You’ campaign is aimed at supporters of the charity, which says donations have directly increased survival rates from one in four to two in four for ten years or more – meaning “thousands of mums are still being mum right now.”

Created by Atomic London, ‘Because of You’ thanks the many regular supporters of the charity by celebrating mums who ‘are still being mums right now’ through powerful and uplifting at-home footage taken by friends and family.

The charity chose to use real content to strengthen the connection between supporters and those that are directly benefited.

The digital campaign is being rolled out in the lead up to Mother’s Day across social, digital and owned channels. The campaign is also launching in partnership with NetMums, and will form a full website and communications takeover.

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