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Mobile technology to help charity

Missing People has joined forces with leading mobile proximity marketing expert Proxama to promote its major new appeal, Find Every Child, which aims to radically increase the number of missing children we can find and support whilst at the same time creating opportunities for mobile users to donate to the appeal.

Proxama will use its mobile proximity marketing services to deliver a Find Every Child physical web campaign which shows a list of missing children specific to the local area of that user’s immediate location, as well as the opportunity to donate via text.

Around 250,000 people go missing each year in the UK and despite the scale of the issue most people simply aren’t aware. The charity hopes mobile will provide the context that drives action. The content is personalised based on the users’ location making it very real, hopefully enabling a better chance of raising funds for this important cause, and a better chance that a missing child will be found sooner.

The campaign is live across Proxama’s beacon-enabled network, in partnership with their advertising and out-of-home media partners within the Presenz Network: Primesight, Limited Space, T4 Media, Exterion Media, MMG, Ubiquitous and Emblem Group, who have each donated their mobile-enabled inventory to the cause.

The campaign will also see digital taxi tops and internal taxi screens promoting the Find Every Child appeal across the capital, thanks to donated space from Verifone Media.



Track record

As a charity partner of Outsmart, the trade body for the out-of-home industry, Missing People has a strong track record of maximising its partnerships across both the UK out-of-home industry as well as identifying innovative ways to find missing people and raise awareness.

The charity’s 2016 Child Rescue Alert campaign partnered with production and creative technology company Grand Visual to develop an intelligent programmatic digital out-of-home campaign to improve regional coverage of the national system. Grand Visual have again lent their support to the Find Every Child appeal.

Ross Miller, Director of Fundraising and Communications at the charity said: “Find Every Child will be our biggest ever appeal for public funds. We’ve been delighted by the creative fundraising approach of our partners during this project and their commitment to harnessing the potential to help find missing children at the same time. As a charity, we are constantly looking at new and relevant ways of reaching out to missing children so it seems appropriate to make full use of the new possibilities technology brings to fundraising too.

“Our 24/7 crisis team are facing an unprecedented level of demand from missing children and those looking for them. They already support and reach out to the thousands of children reported missing every year and we’re hopeful that Find Every Child will be the game changer that we need to be a lifeline for all missing children.”

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