GiveSmart merges UK and Europe event delivery with Givergy

Best practice of both firms to be combined in the longer term

| 14th Mar 17

GiveSmart has merged its UK and European event delivery service with Givergy.

Under the Givergy brand name, both companies will be able to work together using shared technology to raise more funds for charities. Together, in the past 12 months, Givergy and GiveSmart have supported over 1,500 events and online auctions, raising over £25m for UK charities.


In the short term, all current GiveSmart clients will have the option to use the Givergy technology for upcoming events or, if they prefer, stick with the GiveSmart system. In the longer term however the best practice of both firms will be combined in order to ensure the merged entity, Givergy, provide the very best technology, payment gateway, service and lot items in order to benefit all charities as much as possible.

Givergy’s MD, Jon Douglas said: “A natural love for technology, a passion for innovation, a desire to provide the very best service and a complete understanding of the charity industry, the synergies between both firms were always clear and as a result it is a privilege to welcome GiveSmart into the Givergy brand.

“We are totally committed to working together as one in order to benefit all charities in the UK and Europe and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our now, combined, team.”