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Blue Cross extends Tap Dogs initiative

The Blue Cross is maximising the potential of contactless payments by extending its ‘Tap Dogs’ initiative.

The charity has been generating income via dogs wearing contactless-enabled coats since spring 2016. Anyone wishing to donate can simply ‘pat and tap’ the dog to make a £2 donation using their contactless payment card or smart device – or speak to its Blue Cross volunteer if they’d like to give a different amount.

Now, the scheme has been extended thanks to the support of PayPal, which has offered its support for the scheme and funded a range of new contactless dog coats and donated PayPal Here card readers for each of the coats.

Julia McKechnie-Burke, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at Blue Cross said: “Tap Dogs were created to raise awareness of our work helping thousands of pets every year. We were limited in the capacity of Tap Dogs as a fundraising tool with our prototype coats but now, thanks to PayPal, we are able to expand the scheme and have Tap Dogs at even more events.

“We are in an increasingly cashless society and need to be versatile in the ways people can donate to us. We love that dogs are able to directly help us raise funds as pets are at the heart of everything we do. We are grateful for PayPal’s support and look forward to exploring further expansion of this scheme and other initiatives.”

Bas Gevaert, Director of PayPal Here in the UK said: “PayPal is proud to support this new initiative which allows people to easily donate to Blue Cross using contactless cards. It goes without saying that fewer people carry cash on them now, so this new way to make donations with a card or smart phone really highlights how forward thinking Blue Cross are as a charity.

“It’s such a fun and innovative way, not only for people to donate to a charity but actually get to engage with what the charity does as well. It’s nice to think that rescue dogs are helping to raise money for other rescue animals.”

The mechanics behind the Tap Dog technology are very simple. It consists of PayPal’s contactless card reader sitting in a pocket of the Tap Dog’s coat linked to the PayPal Here smartphone app via Bluetooth. The card reader accepts contactless payments by card or smart device phone or watch. The app is operated by a Blue Cross volunteer via a smartphone. It is set up to take a £2 donation.
Donations for other amounts can be adjusted by the volunteer using the app and receipts can be issued by email or a text message if required.

Tap Dogs will be attending a number of events around the country this year. A full list of dates and venues can be found here.

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