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Report says concerns remain over cloud adoption (Infographic)

Intel Security has published its second annual cloud security report, Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky, which provides plenty of useful insight for charities looking to move to the cloud or develop their cloud services.

The report outlines the current state of cloud adoption, the primary concerns with private and public cloud services, security implications, and the evolving impact of Shadow IT of the more than 2,000 IT professionals surveyed. Key findings include:

  • Trust now outnumbers distrust for public clouds by more than two-to-one
  • 49% of professionals slowed cloud adoption due to a lack of cybersecurity skills
  • 65% think Shadow IT is interfering with keeping the cloud safe and secure
  • 52% indicate a malware infection can be tracked to a cloud application
  • 62% store sensitive customer information in the public cloud

Following on from the publication of the whitepaper, here’s an infographic covering off all of the key points:

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